September 29, 2009

Original BAT-BOAT BLUEPRINT From The 1966 Batman TV Show & Movie

Shown here, in all their glory, are some RARE photos of the Original Blueprint for the 1966 Bat-Boat from the 1966 Batman Movie. It was auctioned-off on eBay recently ( Sold: $350 ) & whoever won it now has an authentic piece of Bat-History! The Batboat was created by The Glastron Boat Company & these were the original drawings by their designer. The auction also had some blueprints for the "Penguin Submarine Ship" used in the movie but were not shown so I didn't get any pics of that. If anyone did then please send them to us. Now, to kind of change the subject, if you're a big fan of the 1966 Bat-Boat then you really need to visit my friend Darren's website. It's a personal blog all about him totally restoring an original '66 Bat-Boat. He seriously gets into talking about Vintage Upholstery Fabrics, Paint Chips, Fiberglass, etc...Plus a lot of history about the famous Bat-Vehicle. You can check out his site by clicking HERE!


The Batfan said...

WHAT???????? I MISSED THESE??? they should be in MY collection UGHHHH I would have paid more then 350 anyday UGHHHH

ozz said...


Darren Nemeth said...

Thanks for plugging my blog. :)

The boat I have was created in 2006 for the 40th anniversary of the TV show from a 1969 Glastron sports boat. This was displayed opposite the autograph tables where Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar, Yvonne Craig, and Lee Meriweather were signing at the Motor City Comic Con 2006 Novi, MI.

I am completely overhauling it and hope to have most of it done by fall of 2010. Perhaps the year after I can make a more accurate Batboat with an original Glastron 1966-68 V-174 Super Sport boat if I am able to find one.