September 26, 2015

#BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE - Art Gallery LECTURE is September 29th!! #ChipKidd

OK, here at the BAT-BLOG we have been hyping the BATMAN BLACK AND WHITE: THE SKETCH COVERS Art Gallery Opening in New York City that is being curated by the Graphic Designer, Chip Kidd. Over a period of a year or two Chip collected a massive amount of Batman artwork done by a ton of famous Artists, both inside and outside the comic book industry. 

The assortment is totally amazing and you can view a list of the 88 artists by visiting his website, just CLICK HERE! 

The show is going on right now, it started on Sept 9th and will run until November 7th.

But, there will be a special ART LECTURE event for the show and it's on Tuesday, September 29th and it starts at 6:30 pm and runs until 8:00 pm or maybe a little bit later. One thing to remember is that this is just a few days before the 2015 New York Comic Con. So, if you have plans to go to NYCC then you should also make plans to visit this show. 

$10 Members | $15 Non-members | $7 Seniors/students (with valid ID. Undergraduate students)

For the location of the Art Gallery and to purchase tickets just CLICK HERE!

8-BIT VIDEO: Why #BATMAN Isn't Really Tragic At All

BATMAN: The sad tale of a jacked-up Billionaire with a Butler and a Mansion who beats-up street criminals to within an inch of their lives!

New DC Comics Hardback Graphic Novel Collection by UK Eaglemoss! #Batman

Here's exciting news for Batman Fans and people who love reading DC Comics Superheroes! Well, those of you who live in Great Britain (UK) anyway. 

There's a Publishing Company in England called EAGLEMOSS (Yes, the same team that brought you the Die-Cast Batmobile Car "Batmobilia" Collection) and they have plans to release a huge giant set of hardcover books all reprinting a ton of classic DC Comics Graphic Novels!

The basic premise is that you subscribe to their service and they will send them out once they're published. The only information I could figure out from their website is that they will release 20 books a year for about 3 years or more with around 60 books total. Along the way their will be some special books they will add to your collection for free so the numbers could get bigger. Also, I'm not even sure if they will ship these to the United States, argghh!

Sorry, their website information is kind of confusing, but these books do look pretty cool!

(Thanks for the heads-up, Cliff Pooley)

For more info:
Please visit the UK EAGLEMOSS Website!

Classic 1966 #BATMAN TV Series VINYL IDOLZ Figures Coming Soon by #FUNKO!

Holy Nostalgia, Batman! The characters of the classic 1960's BATMAN TV Series will get a wild and wacky contemporary twist with these colorful 8 inch figures. 

It looks like we're gonna get Batman, Robin the Boy Wonder, Batgirl, and the Joker!

They're being made by FUNKO as a part of their VINYL IDOLZ toy line and they're gonna have a retail price of about $19.99 each. Oh yeah, you can look for them around October 2015... CRAZY!!

September 9, 2015


Chip Kidd Presents: BATMAN BLACK AND WHITE: The Sketch Covers
Opens September 9th to November 7th, 2015
Lecture Event: September 29th (Could Change, Stay Tuned)
Opening Reception: October 7th, 6:00pm

Society of Illustrators
128 East 63 Street
New York, NY

Featuring an extraordinary selection of original Batman-inspired illustrations assembled from the art collection of Designer/Writer Chip Kidd. For the first time ever, the Society of Illustrators NYC, in support of The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, is proud to display this collection in their special MoCCA Gallery.

In 2013, DC Comics released a brand-new six-issue revival of the legendary Batman: Black and White series. Based on the hugely-popular 1996 publication, each issue of Batman: Black and White features several short-stories written and drawn by top comic writers and artists. In the first Issue, released on September 4th of 2013, Chip Kidd’s short-story titled “Don’t Know Where, Don’t Know When” (artwork by Michael Cho) was featured, and the issue also included a blank variant cover. This blank cover overlap allowed fans to seek out original sketches by their favorite artists, and became a popular collectible.

Since the release of this Issue, Chip Kidd has amassed a diverse collection of covers. This show will include approx. 88 pieces of original art all inspired by the Bat-Man!

Here’s the list of Artists:
Neal Adams
Mike Allred
Gabriel Bá
Alison Bechdel
Simone Bianchi
Barry Blitt
Paige Braddock
Pier Brito
Lou Brooks
Jeffrey Brown
Ivan Brunetti
Charles Burns
Dave Bullock
Celia Calle
Bob Camp
John Cassaday
Roz Chast
Howard Chaykin
Michael Cho
Seymour Chwast
Dan Clowes
Brian Cronin
Howard Cruse
Geoff Darrow
Kim Deitch
Vanessa Del Rey
Stephen Doyle
Jules Feiffer
Drew Friedman
Gary Gianni
Dave Gibbons
Michael T. Gilbert
Milton Glaser
Randy Glass
Chadwick Haverland
Gilbert Hernandez
Ryan Heshka
Klaus Janson
J. G. Jones
Maira Kalman
Chip Kidd
Tom Kidd
Anita Kunz
Peter Kuper
Jiro Kuwata
Jeff Lamire
Jae Lee
Lars Leetaru
Gary Leib
Dave McKean
Debbie Millman
Fábio Moon
Françoise Mouly
Dustin Nguyen
Christoph Niemann
Conor Nolan
Olivia (De Berardinis)
Patrick Owsley
Orhan Pamuk
Gary Panter
Philip Pearlstein
Raymond Pettibon
Dave Plunkert
Frank Quitely
Paul Rivoche
Kirby Rosanes
Alex Ross
Joe Sacco
Stephen Savage
Paula Scher
Ellwood H. Smith
Art Spiegelman
Ward Sutton
Joost Swarte
Gengoroh Tagame
Gary Taxali
Dave Taylor
Adrian Tomine
Gloria Vanderbilt
Maurice Vellekoop
Dexter Vines
Lee Weeks
Matt Wagner
Chris Ware
Robert Williams

A lecture featuring Chip Kidd and special guests is planned for Tuesday, September 29th but that date could change. More information coming soon so please stay tuned. But you will not want to miss the Opening Reception which will be on October 7th.

For the location of the Art Gallery and more information please CLICK HERE!

Oh yeah, here are just a few examples of the amazing art you can see:

September 5, 2015

New McDonald's Happy Meal Toy DC COMICS / HELLO KITTY DIGITAL WATCHES Spotted in Bulgaria!!

Here's some news for you serious BATMAN memorabilia collectors out there! In the beautiful country of Bulgaria their McDonald's Restaurants are having a promotional tie-in with DC Comics where they have 8 Plastic Digital Watches to collect! 

Four of them are related to DC Comics Comic Book Characters (Green Lantern, Superman, Batman, and the Flash). I guess these are the ones for Boys. Then, for the Girls, they have 4 other watches that have HELLO KITTY Characters dressed up like superheroes (Catwoman, Batgirl, Supergirl and Wonder Woman).

Yeah, you know which three watches I want, ha ha!

A friend of our, who lives there, said he already has a couple of these so I guess they're out right now. Yes, sorry, these are NOT available in the USA so you might be able to find them on eBay. OUCH!

(Thanks for the heads-up, Zdravko!)

#DCKIDS Has a #BATMAN UNLIMITED Paper Model Toy Available For FREE Download! #PaperCraft

I have always loved the Internet subculture where Designers share their "Paper Toy" creations. Well, it looks like DC Comics' special website for children, DC KIDS, has got on the band wagon. If you go there you can download a Papercraft "BOXY BATMAN" Toy for FREE!

All ya gotta do is download it, you can print it out on paper (I recommend using card stock because it's heavier and more sturdy) and then you put it together!

POW! #BATMAN Socks Found at CVS Stores!

Hey, here's just a quick post to share the news that CVS Drug Stores have BATMAN SOCKS for sale! Our friend Erik spotted these 2 pair the other night and they look kinda cool. He said they cost around $5 each, not bad. I might have to get me some, ha!

(Thanks Erik)

#BATMAN NEWS: Happy 64th Birthday to Michael Keaton!!!

Today, Saturday, September 5th, is Michael Keaton's 64th birthday and we want to wish him the very very best!! 

He will always be known as one of the greatest Actors to play the role of Batman. Plus, I hear he's actually a very cool person in real-life.Thank you Micheal!

September 4, 2015


For those of us who grew-up in the 1970's we will all probably know about a product called "Crazy Foam". I remember it well and totally loved it! It was a great product for parents to buy to trick their kids into taking a nice long bath, ha ha!

Well, it's back in stores NOW!! It's not made by the same company, but a brand-new one bought the rights and they're going crazy with it (excuse the pun)! They have 2 different sets which include Batman: Original DC Comics Superheroes and Justice League (both shown up above). 

I really like how that one set has a "retro-feel" and ya gotta love that Joker!

The CRAZY FOAM website says you can fine this product at Kroger's Grocery Stores but I have heard a rumor that some people have found them at WalGreens. But, I have not been able to find any anywhere. If anyone sees them around please let us know where ya got them.

Oh yeah, check out their TV Commercial!!