September 29, 2014

United States Postal Service is Releasing a Set of #BATMAN "FOREVER STAMPS" October 9th! #USPS

BATMAN Book of 20 Stamps in 5 Designs | Forever $0.49

For 75 years, Batman has protected Gotham City from the forces of evil. Since his debut, he has become one of the most iconic super heroes in history. This year, the U.S. Postal Service® chronicles the evolution of the character, from his origins to present day.

This new issuance showcases eight unique designs in a sheet of 20 stamps. Four versions of the iconic DC Comics super hero are depicted from four eras of comic book history. In addition, there are four incarnations of the Bat-Signal.

The first row of stamps features Batman with his fists clenched. This muscular, determined Caped Crusader has spent the Modern Age of Comics defending Gotham City from its most notorious villains.
The second row of stamps displays Batman dramatically staring up at the Bat-Signal. By the Bronze Age of Comics, artists had encased the super hero’s spare black bat emblem with a yellow oval. The insignia became the crime fighter’s trademark.

The third row of stamps shows Batman swooping into the frame with his cape flying behind him. The image, from the Silver Age of Comics, accentuates the super hero’s signature glowing white eyes and utility belt.

The bottom row of stamps highlights Batman as first envisioned by creator Bob Kane during the Golden Age of Comics. The super hero’s black cape and cowl and gray suit formed his iconic visual identity.

A column on the left side of the sheet includes four different circular stamps. Each is affixed with a different Bat-Signal, the spotlight Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon sent into the night sky to summon Batman.

The background illustration features a silhouette of Batman standing on a bridge with the skyline of Gotham City looming above him. The flip side of the sheet features two illustrations of Batman and text about the history of the character.

Art director Greg Breeding designed the stamp sheet.

The Batman stamps are being issued as Forever® stamps. These Forever stamps will always be equal in value to the current First-Class Mail® one-ounce rate.

Made in the USA.

Issue Date: October 09, 2014

To Order Your Batman Stamps, JUST CLICK HERE!

#BATMAN VIDEO - Fun TV News Footage of Benjy Greenberg, Bat-Villain Cosplayer!

Here's a fun "Batman-related" News Story that we're really proud of here at the BAT-BLOG. This video shows some recent local news footage that appeared on TV in New Jersey and the fun thing about it is that it's our friend, Benjy Greenberg!

Benjy is an extremely serious Bat-Fan of the Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series and he also does some really great cosplay of the Joker, the Riddler, and the Penguin! 

This video was shot at the recent 2014 Monster-Mania Show!

New 1940's Golden Age #BATMAN AND ROBIN WALLPAPERS #BatBlog

Just for fun, here's some 1940's Golden Age BATMAN AND ROBIN WALLPAPERS that I created the other night that you can use as a background for your desktop. These ultra-iconic images were taken from the original comic book cover to BATMAN #6, enjoy!

#BATMAN IN THE ART WORLD - Actor John Malkovich Channels His Inner-JOKER!

In the Ultra-Serious Fine Art World right now there's something happening which is causing quite a buzz. The Actor John Malkovich teamed-up with a Photographer named Sandro Miller and their goal has been to create a show called, "MALKOVICH, MALKOVICH, MALKOVICH, HOMAGE TO PHOTOGRAPHIC MASTERS". 

Yes, they are reproducing extremely famous and very iconic works of art using John Malkovich as the model. Many of them are instantly recognizable and quite funny!

The show opens at the CATHERINE EDELMAN GALLERY on November 7th, 2014, and will run until January 31st, 2015. For more details, and to see way more of this kick ass artwork, just click the Gallery name up above.

Now, how does this relate to "Batman"? Well, one set of photos they decided to parody is the famous pics shot by the Fashion Photographer, Herb Ritts, of Jack Nicholson as "the Joker" from the 1989 BATMAN Movie. 

This was a famous photo shoot even back then. For reference I'm showing one of the "Jack Nicholson" pics down below.

New RARE Photo of #BATMAN Co-Creator BILL FINGER, Golden Age Comic Book Writer

Here's a quick post to share some amazing bat-news! Serious BATMAN Fans know that the character wasn't created by Bob Kane alone. He had a secret co-creator named Bill Finger. 

Well, here's an ultra-rare photo of Bill Finger in 1937, just a few years before "Detective Comics #27" came out and introduced the "Bat-Man" to the world!

McDonald's in Hong Kong Introduces the #BATMAN BURGER!

The McDonald's Restaurants in Hong Kong have come out with a "Batman Burger" as part of a line of JUSTICE LEAGUE Superhero-Themed Meals.

The BAT-MEAL also comes with Squeezy Cheesy Fries and a Sparkling Green Apple Tea Beverage, sounds so yummy! Hey, I actually wouldn't mind owning one of those "Batman French Fry Container" boxes, ha!

Here is the TV Commercial that is airing in Hong Kong, so AWESOME!

September 27, 2014

#BATMAN GOTHAM'S FINEST - The Stubby Shillelaghs MOVIE TRIBUTE Music Video

Join the band, The Stubby Shillelaghs, as they take on some of Batman's greatest foes in this homage to Christopher Nolan's trilogy.

Also, buy the track and a portion of the proceeds go to the Children's Miracle Network of Hospitals!


Here at the BAT-BLOG we're super-excited to announce that TARGET STORES will have a "Target Exclusive" UNMASKED BATMAN Pop Heroes Figure by FUNKO! Look for new toy this week.

Also, another "Target Exclusive" will be coming up in mid-November, a special BAT-WING LEGO SET will come as a bonus with their sale of the LEGO BATMAN 3: BEYOND GOTHAM Video Game.


Check out this EXCLUSIVE IGN Video that shares the gameplay for the brand-new LEGO BATMAN 3: BEYOND GOTHAM game. Our favorite LEGO Caped Crusader is at it again, but this time in outer space! Join Batman and more than 150 DC Comics characters in saving the world once again!

This footage was shot at the recent 2014 Comic Con. It shows many of the different characters you can play. It also gives us a great example of the the "Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series" Batcave is gonna look like! Oh, and yes, they will have a 1966 Batmobile car too!

The game comes out on November 11th in the USA, and then November 14th... Globally!

Matty Collector Announces 30th ANNIVERSARY SUPER POWERS Action Figures Set!

Matty Collector recently announced that they are coming out with a set of new "Super Powers" Figures to celebrate the 30th anniversary of that classic toy line. Here's a basic overview of what their press release said,

"A milestone in modern toy history comes to a close as the DC Universe Classics and DC Signature Series makes a heroic finale. But we wouldn't ride out into the sunset without one final hurrah for our fans! Now, as we celebrate both the end of DC Universe Classics and the 30th Anniversary of SUPER POWERS, we're proud to present a final six figure series in Four Horsemen Style, with packaging harkening back to the classic 80's toy line. As one era ends, we celebrate the entire modern history of collecting DC Comics action figures with the DC SUPER POWERS 6" Collection!"

The figures include:

  • Batman - Available Now!
  • Superman - Available Now!
  • Wonder Woman - Available Now!
  • Gold Superman - October 2014
  • Green Lantern as The Riddler - October 2014
  • Mr. Mxyzptlk - October 2014
  • Kalibak  (Collect and Connect Figure)

  • For ordering information and to visit their site, just CLICK HERE!