May 28, 2015

#BATMAN BATCAT MUSEUM AND TOYS in Thailand Gets New #Batmobile Replica Car!

Here's some fun Batman news! The BATCAT MUSEUM AND TOYS in Thailand has just received a new Batmobile Replica Car for display in their building! OK, like this place was not awesome enough with their HUGE collection of rare and vintage Batman Toys and Memorabilia, now they have an actual car in there!!

For more information on this awesome place please be sure to visit their Facebook Page: BATCAT MUSEUM IN THAILAND!

WACKY #BATMAN NEWS - 1989 BATMOBILE MOVIE Replica Car Just Spotted in Canada!

OK, just to be clear, this is NOT the Batmobile from the new SUICIDE SQUAD Movie but it's a 1989 BATMAN Movie Replica Car spotted by our good friend, Rick Prinsthal. 

He said this car suddenly appeared on the Queen Elizabeth Highway, near Hamilton ON, Canada!

Oh man, it seems like every Canadian is going Batman Crazy! That's so cool!!

#MEZCO Toys Reveals MUTANT LEADER VS #BATMAN Action Figure Box Set Comic Con Exclusive

Mezco Toys recently released this promo pic showing a new Exclusive MUTANT LEADER VS BATMAN Action Figure Box Set for 2015 they have put out based on Frank Miller's BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS Graphic Novel. It will be limited to 1000 pieces!

#BATMAN Spotted on #JOKER Car During Filming of SUICIDE SQUAD Movie in Toronto, Canada!


Just a few days ago the Internet practically blew-up with the news (and tons of photos and video footage) of the Batmobile Prop Car making an appearance in the new SUICIDE SQUAD Movie. 

Now, there is a bunch of hype about BATMAN making an appearance. In this video right here we get to see the Caped Crusader (Stunt Man) riding on top of the Joker's car! People are already starting to call this vehicle, the "Joker Lambo" because, well duh, it's a Lamborghini!

Oh yeah, here's a better, sharper, photo of the Joker Lambo, or as I like to call it, the Jokermobile!

May 26, 2015

#BATMAN #BATMOBILE Spotted in SUICIDE SQUAD Movie! NEWS VIDEO Footage From #SuicideSquad Filming!

WOW! It looks like Batman and the new Batmobile that will be in the BATMAN V SUPERMAN Movie will also be making an appearance in the new SUICIDE SQUAD film! 

Here's some Canadian News Channel Video Footage showing a test-run of the new car going through the streets of Canada, AWESOME!!

#BATMAN NEWS - #BATKID BEGINS Official Movie Trailer and Poster! #BatkidBegins

It’s November 15, 2013. Twenty-five thousand people descend on San Francisco. Online, two billion others join in. This massive crowd erupts with a collective display of public emotion rarely seen. With a Beatlemania-like intensity, people take to the streets and screens. They are all united to fulfill the wish of 5-year-old Miles Scott, who is recovering from Leukemia. It is his dream to become Batkid and save Gotham City. "Batkid Begins" chronicles the making of the overnight international phenomenon that is Batkid. 

The film reveals what happens when an event goes unintentionally viral. Will the San Francisco Make-A-Wish Foundation fulfill its mission to help Miles reclaim his childhood after battling disease for more than half his short life? Or will the event itself spiral out of control; consume the organization, scare Miles and shut down an entire city?

Audiences will come along as Patricia Wilson, executive director of the San Francisco Make-A-Wish chapter, and her team - in true superhero spirit - tackle the monster they created. 

Before Batkid, the largest crowd Patricia had organized was 300. She posts an RSVP on her website. Immediately 7,000 sign up. Soon the number is growing at 1,000 people a day, overwhelming Patricia’s team. Will the young boy’s dream 
get lost in a nightmare? 

Featuring exclusive illuminating interviews with all the main players including executives at Twitter and Apple, the film reveals surprising truths about what happens when a nerve is touched in our digital society. 

The film looks at the “why” of this phenomenon. Why did the intense outpouring of spontaneous support for a five-year-old reverberate around the world? In the end, the film leaves audiences to decide; did Miles need the world for inspiration? Or did the world need Miles?

In select theaters on June 26th, 2015!

New EMPIRE Magazine Has a Free #BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Movie Poster!

Here's a super-quick shout-out to let Batman fans know that the current issue of EMPIRE Magazine has a Large Fold-Out Poster with graphics that celebrate the BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE movie!

You know the cover-size to this magazine is pretty BIG and it looks like the poster is 4 times that size (photos up above not to scale, 2 separate pics pasted together).

Mike Summo's Classic 1966 Batman-Inspired Artwork Challenge!

Check this out! We recently got an email message from our friend, Mike Summo. He is a HUGE Batman Fan, as well as a very talented Artist, and he has challenged his self to create 66 pieces of unique fine art pieces dedicated to the Classic 1966 Batman TV Series by next June in honor of the 50th anniversary. 

You can check out his exploits by following the link below to his facebook page, just CLICK HERE!

Also, if you're on facebook anyway you should also become a Member of the BAT-BLOG BATMAN FAN Page too!

#BATMAN HISTORY - Bruno's Batcave 1966 KXOK Radio Spot

Listen down below for the KXOK Radio Spot for "Bruno's Batcave", 6324 West Florissant, St. Louis, MO. circa 1966.

Johnny Rabbitt and George Edick, along with another old friend, Jim Brown, came up with a plan to convert what had been part of an old Bowling Alley in the basement of the Club Imperial into an atmospheric, music-driven club for teens called "Bruno's Batcave"!

"BRUNO'S BATCAVE" became a world unto itself! Jim Brown was the first Manager,and Johnny King signed on as Assistant Manager. Since Johnny Rabbitt's KXOK shift was 7:00 to Midnight, he needed friends he could count on to keep things running smoothly, and to solve any problems that could come up... and to watch out for his interests in Bruno's Batcave opened in the Spring of 1966. (Ernie Cummings, who managed The Klassmen, became Manager when Jim Brown left on October 21, 1966.)

"Bruno's" was turned into a dark, caverness place. With a "Bat Tunnel" for the entrance and black walls with 'Bat Murals' all around it was the ULTIMATE Club for teens to "see and be seen in"! 

They had some of the greatest local bands that you could want: Steve Cummings and The Klassmen, with Gayle McCormick, was pretty much the House Band.

To the mix were added: Walter Scott of The Guise, The Aardvarks, Barry Ebeling and The Invaders, Hoss and The Lords, etc...

PLUS, with the help of some local Record Promo guys, they had some National groups that would come through occasionally like The Cryan Shames, The Blues Magoos. Other featured Stars that they had at the "Batcave" included B.J. Thomas, and the talented Billy Preston.

May 21, 2015

Awesome #BATMAN TATTOO ART Spotted in the Czech Republic!

A friend of ours on the BAT-BLOG FACEBOOK Page was kind enough to share some wonderful photos showing his new Batman Tattoo Art he just got. It's the "Dark Knight Trilogy" version of the character and the artwork came out really good.

His name is Roman and he said he plans on adding a few more characters with a background of Gotham City. Sounds Awesome! We can't wait to see the finished product, but it's looking great so far!

(Thanks Roman).