June 30, 2015


Did all these photos make you cry like a Little Girl? Ha Ha! This is a Custom "Batman Batmobile" Chopper Motorcycle created by Game Over Cycles, who are located in Poland. Yes, Poland! They went totally crazy when they invented this bike. I mean, the photos speak for themselves, check 'em out!!

More Basic Technical Information:

- Audi 3.7l V8, 230 km
- Automatic transmission
- Rear tires 295/40 / R20, front 220/40/18
- Electronic display - DAKOTA
- Width 2.08m
- Length 4,45m
- Height 1.35 m
- Wheelbase 3.20 m
- Handlebar 1,10m

You can find them on FACEBOOK or visit their OFFICIAL WEBSITE here!


Here's some really great "Batman Toy Collector" news!! Later this year, FUNKO, who we totally love, will be adding BATGIRL to their VINYL VIXENS toy line. You might remember that they came out with Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy figures earlier and they sold out pretty quickly! (I never got any).

This BATGIRL figure will measure approx. 9 Inches Tall and will be available around September, 2015. Oh yeah, it will have a Retail Price of about $29.99.

List of 2015 SDCC EXCLUSIVE #BATMAN TOYS, Action Figures and Collectibles!

If you are lucky enough to get to hit the San Diego Comic Con this year then be sure to keep an eye out for these "Batman Toy Collector" Exclusives! 

First up is an Action Figure we're all pretty excited about, a special "Yvonne Craig" BATGIRL from the 1966 BATMAN TV Series Collection by Mattel! It is a Toys-R-Us Exclusive figure and will be made available at the Entertainment Earth booth #2343 and online at Toysrus.com/ComicConvention 

In the same booth, they will also have another "Toys R Us Exclusive", this "Batman vs. Harley Quinn Playset" shown right here. This boxed set includes 2 PVC Figures of Batman and the Joker's Girlfriend, Harley Quinn! 

These are made by a foreign toy company called Schleich who is very well known for making small "Animal" figures and Dinosaurs. 

Next up, FUNKO will be offering this Exclusive DORBZ Figure of "ThillKillz Batman". Gosh, isn't he totally adorable?!

Then, we have this DC Comics Collectors Keyring Set made by Monogram. Available at their booth, this special boxed set includes Harley Quinn, The Joker, Batman, Superman, and Nightwing! (This is a "prototype photo" and the actual product may vary). This set is very limited to 500 pieces and will be priced around $45.00.

Then, last but not least, is this DC Comics Bombshells HARLEY QUINN Mouse Pad by ICON Heroes. It has a special die-cut design and will be a 2015 SDCC Exclusive at their booth #3345.

Whew! OK, there will probably be more "SDCC BATMAN Exclusives" news available closer to comic con time so please be sure to stay tuned to the BAT-BLOG for more toy collector news!

Retro-Style Silver Age #BATMAN Tattoo Art!

I just realized I have not posted a fun "BATMAN TATTOO" photo recently so I thought i would share this one I came across yesterday. A friend of mine told me about a local (I live in Oklahoma City, OK) Tattoo Artist named "Viking Ashley". 

I checked out her Facebook page and she does some amazing artwork. Then, you can imagine my surprise when I came across this little gem, a Silver age-style "Batman" Bat-Tat! 

June 23, 2015


A friend of ours shared a photo he came across the other day showing a special promotional item for the BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Video Game and I kind of spazzed-out a little bit when I saw it, ha ha! 

But, after doing some research, I found out this is a special UK (England) ONLY Exclusive, Bummer!

But basically it looks like the only thing you get is a special delivery box, woo hoo! Still, the graphics on the box are pretty cool and I would like to have one. I'm not sure if there will be any special premiums or give-away items yet. Pizza Hut's lame website said nothing. So, if you live there, please let us know... thanks!

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#BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT - Video of All the Game Skins So Far Plus Special Batmobiles

Here's a quick post to share a nice video I came across last night that breakdowns all the alternate Batman costume skins revealed to us so far in Batman: Arkham Knight and where/how to unlock them. There are also some skins for the Batmobile car too, fun stuff!

#BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT Voice Actor - John Noble as the #Scarecrow!

With today's release of the BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Video Game I thought I'd share this photo real quick. Here is the voice actor John Noble at a recent event where Warner Brothers debuted the new game and showed-off this cool Batmobile Replica Car!

John Noble does the voice for the SCARECROW character in the game and he does a very excellent job. Don't believe me? Well, check out 
this special trailer video!

#BATMAN: 75 YEARS OF ROBIN - Free Domino Mask Download!

DC Comics is getting geared-up to celebrate 75 years of ROBIN and to do so they have released a special anniversary ROBIN DOMINO MASK that you can download as a PDF and print with your computer. Here's a LINK.

#BATMAN Meets #BATMAN66 - Kevin Conroy and Adam West

Check out this fun photo we got from BATMAN Voice Actor Kevin Conroy. He recently spotted Adam West while at the DWF Airport in Dallas, TX and he HAD to shoot this quick selfie photo, ha!

June 15, 2015

Vintage 1960's FOREIGN #BATMAN COMIC BOOKS From The Netherlands!!

Check out these amazing photos of some very cool Vintage BATMAN AND ROBIN Books from the Netherlands!! Yes, these are foreign comic book covers from the 1960's. The graphics are totally insanely cool!! 

These pics were sent to us recently by a good friend that lives there, thank you Johan!!