September 16, 2014

#BATMAN TRIBUTE ART - Made With Love and Sidewalk Chalk!

While goofing around on Facebook the other day I received some artwork from an extremely talented artist who recently created a BATMAN TRIBUTE in, of all mediums, chalk! (Readers, please be sure to click on the photo up above for a larger, more detailed, version). It's really GREAT!

He wrote, "My Daughter, Son-in-law, and grandsons love the Bat-Blog. They suggested your page and said I had to send this your way. Desmond and Johnny love to make me, grandpa, get out the sidewalk chalk!"

WOW! OK, First off I totally know the family he's talking about, ha! They're all really great friends. These people are totally serious Batman Fans and really love the character. That, in itself, is very cool but I wanna thank their "Grandpa" for sharing his amazing artwork. Honestly, it's very well done and it's also extremely touching that they thought of the BAT-BLOG and wanted to share. Thanks everybody, I love you guys!

New 1966 ROBIN THE BOY WONDER Batman Moebius Model Kit BOX ART by Christopher Franchi

Here's a quick post to share some amazing artwork by our good buddy, Christopher Franchi. He has sort of become the Official Artist for the packaging design of the Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series Model Kits that are being made right now by Moebius Models.

Shown here is the artwork for the ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER Model Kit that they have plans for coming out with later. This is ONLY his artwork with out all the packaging details. To give you a better idea of the finished product just check out this CATWOMAN product box down below... IT'S AMAZING!

Photo Gallery: BATMAN THROUGH CREATIVITY a New Art Exhibit in Mexico

Here at the BAT-BLOG, about 10 days ago, we mentioned a Batman-themed Art Opening that was going on in Mexico that revolves around the 75th Anniversary of our beloved Caped Crusader. It's called "BATMAN THROUGH CREATIVITY" and it's still going on. For more info about the times/location of that show just CLICK HERE.

But now, the cool thing is, some people have finally posted a few photos showing us the artwork that is on display. It looks like most of the art is "sculptural" & revolves around THE BAT-MASK COWL. 

There are many different ones made by a large variety of Artists, all with radically different styles and personalities. This is really GREAT because it creates a lot of diversity, or in other words, something for everybody!

I'm only showing a few examples here... but if you visit this website you can see way more. It's great stuff! Just CLICK HERE!

September 15, 2014


While surfing through the "Halloween Holiday section" at TARGET the other night I came across this fun BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Flashlight! They sold these last year but I didn't get one. It was only $5.00, so I thought what the heck, it's so cool! 


On your next trip to TARGET please be sure to check their "Halloween section" for a special set of DC COMICS SUPER HEROES MINI-FIGURES! 

They are only $3.00 each and there are 8 different characters to collect: Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Catwoman, The Joker, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow!  

I bought the one of Batman the other night. Here's a SECRET TIP If he's the only one you want: Just squeeze around the packaging and you can feel Batman's "ears and cape". Then, just buy that one. 

But really, I also want the Joker and Catwoman too but I was afraid I'd probably end-up with some of the other characters, ha! But, I do have plans to go back and get these 2 Bat-Villains. 

Oh yeah, a special THANK YOU goes out to our friend, FRANK, for the heads-up on these and the wonderful photos too. I appreciate that very much!

New CLASSIC 1966 BATMAN TV SERIES PLUSH TOYS by Bleacher Creatures Out Now!

Here's a fun cool new set of Batman Toys to keep an eye out for! It looks like the Bleacher creatures Toy Company has created a line of Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series Plush Dolls! They measure about 10" Tall and they have a retail price of about $20 each. 

There are 5 of them to collect right now: Batman, Robin The Boy Wonder, Batgirl, Joker and Catwoman. You can order them from their website, just CLICK HERE!

Oh yeah, I saw this advertising banner pop-up last night and it shows THE PENGUIN, which is not available yet. So, I'm guessing they're gonna come out with a few more of these.

#BATMAN TOYS - The BATSTACHE Finally Becomes an Actual Product!

OK, I knew this was going to happen. With all the "Batstache Memes" that have become so popular I've been wondering when someone would capitalize off of it. Well, here ya go! It looks like the Archie McPhee™ company did just that. 

I spotted this one at my local OKC shopping mall inside a store called Toyko. But I bet you can find them at a place like Spencer's Gifts... or evil eBay.

September 13, 2014

75 YEARS OF #BATMAN - A Celebration in Bogota, Columbia!

Last July, the 26th to be exact, some Batman Fans celebrated the 75th anniversary of Batman in Bogotá, Colombia! Check this out!

As mentioned in a previous post, here at the BAT-BLOG love meeting Batman Fans from all over the world. It's so cool that this American superhero character is embraced by many different cultures. Here's a wonderful example. I was recently sent some photos from a friend who went to a local event there that celebrated "75 YEARS OF BATMAN". 

It was sort of a mini-convention where other Batman Fans met, they had booths selling merchandise and there was some wacky cosplay going on! Oh yeah, and they even had a fun life-drawing class. That's so cool! 

Judging by the photos, it looks like everybody there had a great time. I totally love that this happened and I wish I could have been there.

One last thing, they have a fan page on Facebook AND, if you live near Bogota, I'm pretty sure they would love to meet you, just CLICK HERE!

September 11, 2014


Here's a quick post to share a photo that many people have already seen but this image is actually a 900 X 1440 Wallpaper you can use to brighten, or darken I should say, your PC desktop! 

This is a very detailed HD photograph of the real-life BATMOBILE Prop Car that is going to appear in the BATMAN VS SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Movie... enjoy!

JOKER VAPES - Batman Themed Vapor Store Opens in Oklahoma!

I know a lot of people read the BAT-BLOG but have no idea where I live. Well, I live in Oklahoma City, OK and  we're located roughly in the center of the United States. Anyway, the other day, while taking my Nephew home after dinner, we randomly went down some street and saw this place!

Yes, this is a store front for a place called JOKER VAPES and I knew I had to share it because it's kinda wacky! It's one of those places that sell Vapor Liquid and E-Cigarette Devices. But the main cool thing is that it has a "Batman/Joker" theme. I mean, come on, I saw this HUGE Joker face and freaked out a little bit, ha!

For their Grand opening they had our friend, OKC JOKER, pay them a visit. I wish I could have been there for that, ha ha! 

Here's their basic info:

(405) 942-5653

If you would like more information about this place then please be sure to check out their Facebook page, just CLICK HERE!