August 18, 2015

Remembering Lenny B. Robinson, a.k.a. BALTIMORE #BATMAN

We're so sorry but the Bat-Blog has some extremely sad news to report. Lenny Robinson, 51, known as the “Baltimore Batman,” died after being hit by a car on Sunday night, August 16th, 2015. According to Maryland State Police the Owings Mills resident was struck by a car on I-70 near Hagerstown after his Batmobile broke down. Troopers responded to the scene around 10:30 p.m. and confirmed that a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigation revealed that Robinson's Batmobile had engine trouble and stopped partially in the fast lane. Police say Robinson was checking the engine while standing in the fast lane of eastbound I-70. A Toyota Camry struck Robinson's car and Robinson causing him fatal injuries. The driver of the Toyota Camry was not injured during the collision. No charges have been filed.

Robinson was known for making appearances at hospitals and visiting terminally ill children. He also visited schools to talk about bullying. In 2012 he traveled the country, giving out Batman toys to children in hospitals along the route. Lenny was a true superhero in every sense of the word. He brought real moments of joy and hope to children and parents everywhere he paid a visit. I talked with him once and he was an extremely friendly guy. He felt he had a mission to bring a little happiness to people in need and he did. He did. We want to thank Lenny B. Robinson for being one of the good guys, Thanks buddy!

The Baltimore businessman gained national fame in 2012 when he was pulled over in his Batmobile for not showing proper tags. Video of the traffic stop went viral. Robinson, who sold a commercial cleaning business started when he was a teen, was President of “Superheroes for Kids, Inc.”

August 9, 2015

New 2015 #BATMAN: UNLIMITED Happy Meal Toys at McDonalds NOW!

Late last night I went to McDonalds with my Sister and was kind of shocked to notice that they were having a new HAPPY MEAL TOYS promotion with BATMAN: UNLIMITED! 

I mean, how did this news even not reach me?? I have heard no mention of it. I guess that since I stopped watching TV awhile back I miss a lot of TV commercials. Anyways, they have these out now and there are 8 toys to collection. 

Be sure to check out this video I found that shows what kind of super-fun play action these toys have, it's a pretty decent review. Also down below that is an official McDonalds "Batman: Unlimited" Coloring Book page, ha!

Oh yeah, as a side-note, I watched that new "Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem" animated movie the other night and it was surprisingly pretty good. I mean, I don't consider it "cannon", but it was entertaining.

Decorating #BATMAN Style? Check Out This BAT-SYMBOL LOGO MIRROR!

Here's a super-quick post to share some wonderful "Batman Retail News", ha! Just the other night, a friend of ours on FACEBOOK named Frank, saw this beautiful item at his local T. J. Maxx store!

It's a "BATMAN BAT-LOGO" MIRROR and it measures about 27 1/2 Inches Wide by 13 Inches Tall. Yes, now YOU can shave or brush your teeth just like the Dark Knight!

(Thanks Frank)

#BATMAN DEATH BY DESIGN by Chip Kidd and Dave Taylor Now Published in Turkey!

Yes, Turkey!! The Graphic Novel, BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN (DC Comics), written by Designer Chip Kidd and delightfully illustrated by the UK Comic Book Artist Dave Taylor, has been translated into the Turkish language for the book market of Turkey! Oh man, how freakin’ cool is that?!! Here’s what the cover looks like in their language, it’s actually very beautiful, the translation from English reads, “Batman: Olumcul Oasarim”.

Oh yeah, if you would like to try and order a copy of this hardcover book then here is a LINK TO TRY.

Also, speaking of “links”, here are two Turkish websites that have written reviews for this book. Just click HERE and HERE!

LEGO TOYS Classic #BATMAN and #JOKER Comic Book Cover Recreations!

Here's a quick post to share some amazing Batman Fan Art I came across recently where someone used Lego™ Bricks to recreate some classic superhero images. 

The 1st one, obviously, is Detective Comics #27 (First appearance of Batman) and the 2nd one is the famous cover to the Batman: The Killing Joke Graphic Novel... enjoy!

#BATMAN VIDEO - Oil Painting of #BATGIRL with Fantasy Artist Jeff Miracola

In Chicago there is a group of Artists who get together for an event they call, "Figurative Illustration Workshops", and their main goal is to do a live painting of a model. In the video down below we get to see a Cosplay Model dressed as Batgirl. 

During the 4 hour painting session, they all create a 24"x30" oil painting. Shown up above is the one done by Fantasy Artist Jeff Miracola.

To learn more about this Fun ART Workshop, just CLICK HERE!

July 29, 2015


The new issue of EMPIRE MAGAZINE lands this week and the front cover packs a mighty punch! We movie fans get to see another new image of Batman and Superman (Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill ) who will star in the next HUGE Warner Bros Superhero Movie, BATMAN V SUPERMAN: Dawn Of Justice!

This is the September 2015 issue and is probably out already, or just about to hit, So be sure to keep an eye out for it at your favorite bookstore or newstand!

EMPIRE MAGAZINE Exclusive: Three Brand-New BATMAN V SUPERMAN Movie Photos!

Here's a quick post to share totally brand-new BATMAN V SUPERMAN Movie Publicity Photos that are EXCLUSIVE to the new September 2015 issue of EMPIRE Magazine. They show Henry Cavill (the Man of Steel), Ben Affleck (the Dark Knight), and Jesse Eisenberg (as Lex Luthor).

Click on them for larger versions.

VIDEO: #BATMAN and #JOKER Spotted at 2015 Parksville Beach Sand Castle Contest!

Check out this awesome video footage shot at the 2015 Parksville Beach Sand Castle Art Contest, they're insane!

Now, of course, my personal favorite is the Sculpture with "Batman and Joker" (shown up above), but there were some other great masterpieces of sand art featured there too!!

New #MATTEL Classic 1966 #BATMAN TV SERIES Action Figure Sets at Toys R Us!

Here's a quick post to share a photo I came across online. Someone spotted a new set of boxed toys at Toys R Us. They're made by Mattel and are a part of their Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series toy line.

One boxed set includes 3 actions figures of Batman, Robin the Boy Wonder, and Batgirl! The other set is a special "To The Batcave" play set that is meant to go with your figures. It also looks like it comes with a "Bruce Wayne (Adam West) figure with interchangeable head, ha! 

This set also has a Bat-Computer, Bat-Zooka,a Shakespeare Bust, Red Telephone or Bat-Phone, 3 Batarangs, Bat-Radio, Bat-Megaphone, and probably some other stuff we can't see... it's SO FREAKIN' AWESOME!

If the price tags on the shelf are correct then it looks like these both have a retail price of around $50 (Batgirl Set) to $30 (Batcave) each. ($50 for 3 figures? OUCH!).