July 29, 2015


The new issue of EMPIRE MAGAZINE lands this week and the front cover packs a mighty punch! We movie fans get to see another new image of Batman and Superman (Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill ) who will star in the next HUGE Warner Bros Superhero Movie, BATMAN V SUPERMAN: Dawn Of Justice!

This is the September 2015 issue and is probably out already, or just about to hit, So be sure to keep an eye out for it at your favorite bookstore or newstand!

EMPIRE MAGAZINE Exclusive: Three Brand-New BATMAN V SUPERMAN Movie Photos!

Here's a quick post to share totally brand-new BATMAN V SUPERMAN Movie Publicity Photos that are EXCLUSIVE to the new September 2015 issue of EMPIRE Magazine. They show Henry Cavill (the Man of Steel), Ben Affleck (the Dark Knight), and Jesse Eisenberg (as Lex Luthor).

Click on them for larger versions.

VIDEO: #BATMAN and #JOKER Spotted at 2015 Parksville Beach Sand Castle Contest!

Check out this awesome video footage shot at the 2015 Parksville Beach Sand Castle Art Contest, they're insane!

Now, of course, my personal favorite is the Sculpture with "Batman and Joker" (shown up above), but there were some other great masterpieces of sand art featured there too!!

New #MATTEL Classic 1966 #BATMAN TV SERIES Action Figure Sets at Toys R Us!

Here's a quick post to share a photo I came across online. Someone spotted a new set of boxed toys at Toys R Us. They're made by Mattel and are a part of their Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series toy line.

One boxed set includes 3 actions figures of Batman, Robin the Boy Wonder, and Batgirl! The other set is a special "To The Batcave" play set that is meant to go with your figures. It also looks like it comes with a "Bruce Wayne (Adam West) figure with interchangeable head, ha! 

This set also has a Bat-Computer, Bat-Zooka,a Shakespeare Bust, Red Telephone or Bat-Phone, 3 Batarangs, Bat-Radio, Bat-Megaphone, and probably some other stuff we can't see... it's SO FREAKIN' AWESOME!

If the price tags on the shelf are correct then it looks like these both have a retail price of around $50 (Batgirl Set) to $30 (Batcave) each. ($50 for 3 figures? OUCH!). 

George Condo's #BATMAN AND BUNNY Pop Art Painting!

Another passion of mine, other than collecting Batman Toys, is enjoying art. I mean, serious fine art like paintings/sculpture. I go to a ton of art museums and if there is a local event at one of our many art galleries here where I live then I am usually there on opening night.

So, it totally cracked me up when I saw this painting by the American Pop Artist, George Condo. This work is titled BATMAN AND BUNNY ©2005, ha ha ha!

July 21, 2015

HOMEMADE #BATMAN Custom Batmobile Cars!!

YYEE HHAAWW! Looks like some fine folks have done made themselves some Batman Car Batmobiles!! 

*Bang! *Bang! *Bang!


It's Batman! Yes, the Dark Knight and the entire line of DC Collectibles' Batman: The Animated Series action figures take center stage in a hilarious new ad featuring the Batman, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze and Catwoman! Oh yeah... and some special guest stars too!

Look for the Batman: The Animated Series action figures at your favorite comic shop, specialty store or online retailer. Available now!

Also, be sure to watch the video ALL the way to the end for a super-special surprise!!


Hey Batman Fans! Here's a recent find on the web that you will probably enjoy, especially if you love B:TAS. It's called THE ARKHAM SESSIONS Podcast, hosted by Dr. Andrea Letamendi and Brian Ward, is a weekly podcast dedicated to the psychological analysis of Batman: The Animated Series. 

Nostalgic, humorous, and even a little educational, each episode promises to lend some insight into the heroes, villains, and classic stories of the Dark Knight! 

Down below is the first episode and you can also check out their official website by clicking HERE!

#SUICIDESQUAD Movie #Batman Humor Memes of Jared Leto as THE #JOKER

Seems like ever since Warner Bros and DC Entertainment leaked the new SUICIDE SQUAD movie trailer at the recent SDCC event everybody has been going crazy inventing some fun memes to share. Here are just a few I thought were pretty funny or kinda clever.

Actually, the one with the "Joker-Lambo" Car, is a behind the scenes shot of them filming in Canada, but the photo is really good quality so I'm posting it here. Do you have any favorite ones we haven't posted? Please send them in to us, thanks!

Check Out This Delicious #JOKER #TATTOO ART (Classic 1966 #BATMAN TV Series)

Stu, a friend of ours over at the BAT-BLOG FACEBOOK Page, just sent us this really great photo showing off his brand-new Batman Tattoo Art. 

Actually, it's the JOKER from the 1966 TV Series and it looks exactly like the Actor Cesar Romero! This beautiful artwork was done by an Artist named Rich Bayley and we gotta say that he did a very excellent job.

(Hey Guys, Thanks for sharing!)