October 21, 2014

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes BATMAN BE-LEAGUERED Movie Coming to Cartoon Network

On October 27th, at 6:00 pm (5:00 Central), please be sure to watch the Cartoon Network's premier one-shot animated movie special event of the showing of LEGO / DC Comics Super Heroes, BATMAN BE-LEAGUERED!

Yes, it looks like the Justice League are sponging-off of Batman's fame again, ha! Here are some trailers down below, check 'em out!


DC Comics has teamed-up with the OASIS Soda Pop Company in France to bring beverages with "Justice League Superhero" graphics to stores. It looks like Batman is Lemon-Flavored, Superman is Orange, Flash is Strawberry, and Wonder Woman is maybe... Raspberry?

Anyhow, here's a video, totally in French, that shows an unveiling of the product. Now, I think this "BOX" is only available to people who the PR company mailed these to. I'm not sure yet. I say that because a year or two ago Mountain Dew sent me a similar package for their "Batman Drink". But either way, these cans are a lot of fun!

Oh man, I really really want the BATMAN can, ha ha!

1966 #BATMAN BATMOBILE Recently Spotted at the Kokomo Event Center in Indiana

We wanna thank our good friend James McCord for sharing these super fun pics he took last weekend when he attended an event at the kokomo Event Center in Indiana! 

This is one of those replica cars made by our friend Mark Racop's 1966 Batmobile Replica Company, FIBERGLASS FREAKS

If anyone out there is stressing out about what to get me for my birthday (January), then one of these would be nice, very nice.

Thanks James, I Love This Car!

VIDEO - #BATMAN Forever Stamps US Post Office Ceremony at New York Comic Con 2014

Here's a video showing the "Batman Forever Stamps" at the US Post Office Ceremony that appeared at the recent 2014 New York Comic Con.

 These stamps are still available at the Post office but they are selling quick. Some people have told me they bought the last ones at their locations so, if you want a set, you better hurry and get yours!

Oh yeah, as a kick side note: That's our buddy, Ralph Garman, giving the introduction!

Next TV GUIDE Magazine Will Have #GOTHAM TV Series Cover #Batman

Just a quick post to share the news that this Thursday the new TV GUIDE Magazine hits the stands and it has a "Batman" cover. It's main focus is the new GOTHAM TV Show but they also have a blurb about the 1966 BATMAN series cast being reunited.

October 20, 2014

OAFCON 2014 COMIC CON Opens October 25th and 26th in Norman, #Oklahoma

Here's a quick post to share the news that OAFCON is back! This is an event here where I live (Oklahoma) and it will be at the Embassy Suites in Norman, OK on October 25 and 26, 2014. Doors open at 10:00 am and it runs till 7:00 pm on Saturday, 6:00 pm on Sunday. Admission is only $5.00.

This is a BIG Comic Book Convention that has been going on in Oklahoma FOREVER ( I remember going to one when I was a little kid, ha) and they always have some really great guests that show up. 

To check the guest list, and for more information, please be sure to visit their website, just CLICK HERE!

Hallmark Cards Has Some Fun New BATMAN STUFF at Walmart!

While shopping for some household supplies at Walmart the other night I decided to check to see if there were any brand-new BATMAN items to be had or report on. In their "Hallmark Cards" area I came across this extremely cool BATMAN JUMBO POSTER Greeting Card! 

Yes, it's a card that folds-out to reveal a huge poster! It's really BIG and measures about 21" X 50". So, I guess it's "door size" poster?? The image is really great! I have not decided if I am just gonna hang it on the wall like a poster or get it framed. Yes, I really love this image (see it down below).

Next-up, here's some quick news. You know those Plastic Tumbler Party Cups they make? Well, there's a new one that mostly features the Batmobile. Only 89 cents so had to grab it. I love these cups!

New 2014 HOT WHEELS BATMOBILE Spotted at Walmart #Batman

Just a super-quick post to share the news that I spotted this unusual HOT WHEELS Batman Batmobile Car the other night at Walmart. I had not seen this one yet so it was kind of a surprise. Plus, they had Hot Wheels on sale for 85 cents, ha! It's sort of like the car from the 1989 BATMAN Movie, but it has red-strip accents like the 1966 version, kinda weird huh? Yes, I grabbed this one, ha!

COOL NEW #BATMAN STUFF Spotted at Toys R Us!

I went to Toys R Us the other day to grab a special "Lego Batman Bat-Signal" they were giving away for free so I took my camera in case there was something going on. Well, it was kinda dull there but since I had my camera I thought I would find a few new Batman toys and get some fun pics.

First up is this HUGE Batman Figure (DC Comics "New 52" Version). Looks like they also made ones of Superman and John Cena, ha ha! Yes, I reported about this figure awhile back but it was nice to see again. I really want this for my personal collection and someday, IT WILL BE MINE!

Next up, here's one of those "Batman: Arkham City" SPRUKITS Model Kits. This one is the deluxe version. The box is really HUGE and this thing retails for around $55 bucks. made by Ban Dai Toys.

AWESOME! It looks like some toy company has come out with a BATMAN POWER CITY TRAIN SET! This was a BIG surprise to me, I had not heard of it yet!

Then, last but not least, I had to grab a photo of this TEEN TITANS GO! figure of Robin, it's a lot bigger than regular action figures and I thought it was kinda cool!!

Have YOU seen any cool new Batman-related stuff in stores recently? Please let us know about it because the BAT-BLOG is all about sharing the love of toy collecting. Thanks!

October 18, 2014

OCT 18th - Get a FREE LEGO DC Comics Batman Bat-Signal at ToysRUs Stores!

Just a quick post to share this important bat-news. Today, October 18th, 2014, be sure to hit your local ToysRUs to pick-up your FREE Lego Batman Bat-Signal. from 12 Noon till 2:00 pm.