February 6, 2016

Turkish Airlines Has a New Airplane with #BATMAN V SUPERMAN Movie Graphics!

Here's a quick post to share some fun "BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE" Movie News! In Turkey, it looks like Turkish Airlines is about to reveal a special "BvS Promotional" Jumbo Jet!! Oh man, this thing is so freakin' beautiful, ha ha!

New Custom #BATMAN POISON IVY Dodge Challenger!!

I have been meaning to post these photos for awhile. About a month or 2 ago I received a very nice letter from a girl in Florida named Syreeta. The pics got sort of lost in my old computer when it crashed and I just recently got them back. Also, I hope I spelled her name correctly, like I said, it was awhile back.

Anyways, she was very sweet and sent along a few photos of a car her friend (or maybe "Boyfriend"? Sorry, I forget) had customized with "Poison Ivy" Batman-themed graphics. 

Just check out the pics, this car is insanely beautiful!! I love the lime green and the hood graphic is sharp and clean.... nice job guys and thank you Syreeta!

#BATMAN JUNK ART - Metal Sculptures by Patrick Amiot!

OK, there is a Public "Batman" Art Sculpture in California that I recently became obsessed with (pictured up above). I knew it existed, but I wanted to find out who the Artist was who made it. 

Well, I found out that is name is Patrick Amiot and he not only did this Batman sculpture but a few more. He does amazing work! He takes metal and other "junk" then he converts them into totally whimsical characters. 

I mean, besides the Dark Knight he has also done Baseball Players, Crazy Bikers, Funny Dogs, Cute Fish, Birds, Cats, etc... wayyyy too much to list here! 

Hey, just check out his WEBSITE sometime and look at his Gallery page. You will be in for a real treat!

#BATMAN V SUPERMAN Movie is Invading Grocery Stores! #BvS

On a recent trip to my friendly neighborhood grocery store I kept coming across movie tie-in merchandise for the upcoming BATMAN V SUPERMAN film! I guess some other people have been too because a Bat-Blog Fan sent us THIS photo of a Dr. Pepper Can Display that is a work of ART!

Well, here's what I saw. First, those BATMAN and SUPERMAN Cereal Boxes by General Mills were in the cereal isle (we reported about those a long time ago but I never saw them here where I live until recently). Here's some pics of the front/back of the Batman box (it's the only one I bought). 

The thing I love about the cereal packaging is that the front of the box does NOT have the word "Batman" (or "Superman"), they just have the logo.... that's actually kinda brave, from a graphic arts point of view. I mean, "Don't put the name of the product ON the product", that's pretty ballsy!

Then, down the way a little bit, Kellogg's had some BVS Fruit Snacks! Like the cereals there are 2 different boxes, one with Superman and the other with Batman. Sorry I don't have one of them pictured but I only bought the "Batman" one. The artwork on the front of the box is pretty awesome and there are some fun puzzles on the back!

Oh yeah, speaking of DR. PEPPER! They had a 12-pack case of Dr. Pepper with "Batman" on them (box shown down below). Yes, the entire box of regular Dr. Pepper is all "Batman" and if you want to collect the other 5 characters then you gotta buy all the other products. 

For example: Wonder Woman is Cherry Dr. Pepper, Superman is Diet Dr. Pepper, and so on. If you look at the photo of the box then you can see the whole list. 

Whoops, almost forgot to mention. DR. PEPPER has 2 special offers with their products that tie into the movie. First is a Fandango Movie Tickey Offer where you can get $5.00 off your ticket price when you purchase three "in the can" 12-packs or three 8-packs of 12 oz. bottles. 

Then, there are 5 digital comics which can be opened if you have the Blippar App on your smartphone. Wait, if you just wanna check them out right here, RIGHT NOW, then the BAT-BLOG has them for you to see down below... ENJOY!

Batman v Superman Prequel - Batman

Batman v Superman Prequel - Lois Lane

Batman v Superman Prequel - Senator Finch

Batman v Superman Prequel - Superman

Batman v Superman Prequel - Lex Luthor

December 14, 2015

New #BATGIRL Yvonne Craig Tribute WALL MURAL ART in Dallas, Texas! #OakCliffBatgirl

An amazing Artist named Steve Hunter just finished a huge BATGIRL "YVONNE CRAIG TRIBUTE" Wall Mural in Dallas, Texas and here are some pics to prove it!!

Of course some of you serious fans might know that Yvonne Craig grew up in the "Oak Cliff" part of town. So this makes it even more sweet.

If you're nearby, you go check it out at 317 North Bishop Avenue. Also, please remember to send the BAT-BLOG a pic of your adventure for sure!

Oh yeah, if you would like to leave a message for the artist, or view more of his kick ass artwork, then please visit his FACEBOOK page. We are also posting his business card down below if you would like to hire him, thanks!

First Look at Some NEW BATMAN V SUPERMAN Movie Products & Toys!

With a release date of March 25th, 2016, the new BATMAN V SUPERMAN Movie is only about 3 months away and a few pictures of new product tie-ins are starting to be leaked. Here are a few that caught my eye.

You already know they're gonna be releasing a TON of TOYS and here's some pics showing Mattel's line of BVS Action Figures. I like these mega-sized ones, they're pretty cool!

Oh yeah, speaking of "Mattel", they have already released a BVS Batmobile Hot Wheels Car that you can start hunting for now!

Then, Scholatsic Books is gonna be coming out with a series of books for children. Here's a look at one of them. It's titled, "Cross Fire". If ya want it, I think it's already listed on Amazon.

Then, last but not least, here's a teaser photo showing 2 different cereal boxes for General Mill's BATMAN V SUPERMAN CEREAL! Not sure when these come out but I'm a huge Cereal Box Fan so I will get these for sure!

#BATMAN Gotham City Batcave Bus Route Spotted in Scotland!

A Glasgow bus driver had pedestrians doing a double take when he motored along city streets heading for “Gotham City's Batcave”. This must have been a surprise to everyone that morning, ha!

Thanks to the EVENING TIMES for the heads-up on this fun "Batman news" story!

New #BATMAN VIDEO GAME Teaser Trailer by Telltale Games!

A new, and I mean totally brand-spankin new, BATMAN Video Game has been announced! But this time, instead of Rocksteady doing it, it's gonna be done by a company called Telltale. They have even confirmed an official 2016 release date!

This new version of Batman will give fans a first-hand opportunity to dive deeper into the complex life and mind of Bruce Wayne, the duality of his own identity, and the struggle of responsibility in saving a city overcome with corruption and villainy.

We're dying to know what this game is gonna look like and the company hasn't released any major photos just yet. So, stay tuned to the BAT-BLOG and once we know, then YOU know!

December 3, 2015

Julie Newmar's #CATWOMAN Costume is at the Smithsonian American History Museum! #Batman

Here's a quick post to share a fun photo I recently came across showing a variation of Julie Newmar's CATWOMAN Costume from the 1960's BATMAN Franchise in it's Display Case at the Smithsonian American History Museum in Washington, DC!

Her legacy is now an American Treasure!!

#BATMAN NEWS: The Custom Coffin for George Barris, Creator of the #Batmobile

Here's some "Batman News" that's kinda sad but also very uplifting at the same time. We reported awhile back about the death of an American Icon, George Barris. For the few people who don't know who he is he is the guy who created the Batmobile. He was also a very famous "Car Customizer" and created many other famous cars like the Monkeemobile (Monkees TV Series) and the Munster Coach (The Munsters).

Anyways, I wanted to share this photo up above of his customized coffin that was made for him. It's sort of an homage to the classic Batmobile with the tail-fins and everything. It's so cool! I'm sorry, "cool" might not be the appropriate word, but it is a nice tribute to the man and his work. He went out in pure "Barris Style"!

Down below are a few videos taken at his funeral. The first one is of the room where they shared a George Barris "Interview" Video and it's a great tribute to the man. He is, and will always be, a legend!