December 28, 2014

Legendary #BATMAN Comic Book Artist 'Norm Breyfogle' Medical Stroke Fund

Yes, we have some sad news to report here at the BAT-BLOG and also some good news.  Norm Breyfogle, the legendary "Batman" Comic Book Artist, recently suffered a stroke. As far as I have been able to tell he is doing OK, or is stable, I guess. I don't have much info except that he is being crushed by medical bills. So, his family started a "You Caring" page to accept donations. They have collected around $51,000 so far but need much much more as his medical bill will probably be around $200,00 or so, if not more.

Anyways, here's a LINK to the DONATE PAGE and please do what you can. norm's a great guy and he should be important to all you Comic Book Collectors out there. Hey, I also know that Batman Fans are some of the best, most kind-hearted, people on the planet and many of you will step-up, so THANK YOU in advance!!

Whoops, also forgot to mention that even if you can't donate, then at lease please PLEASE share this post in your social media (Facebook, twitter, etc...) so that other people can see it. Thanks again.

Bob's Vintage 1966 TV BATMAN Costume Cosplay Photo!!

Check out this incredible vintage family photo showing our friend Bob Snare back in  the day, around 1968 or '69. 

His Mother made him his wonderful "Batman TV Show" Costume and it's really great! I mean, you can really see all the love that went into it. I like that. Hey, Good Job, Mom!! 

(Thanks Bob)

Video: LEGO #BATMAN 3: BEYOND #GOTHAM - All Characters Unlocked

Here's a nice video I came across the other night that shows a ton of the characters (like around 150 of them, ha ha!) from the new LEGO BATMAN 3: BEYOND GOTHAM Video Game. Check it out' it's kinda fun! This game looks like it would be great for kids.

AYNAMIKA! #Batman and Robin Foreign-Reprint Comic Book Covers From Greece

Anyone who has read the BAT-BLOG for the last few years knows my complete obsession with "foreign" Batman Comic Books. Check out these 2 images I came across on the Internet awhile back that show some reprinted comics from Greece. Yes, all the way from that country and in the Greek language, so amazing! The title is AYNAMIKA! 

Do YOU have any "Foreign Language" Bat-Books? If so, then please send us some pics. Thanks!

#BATMAN HUMOR - Funny Parody Photos

I realize I have not posted in awhile (sorry about that) but my life has been in slight crisis. Nothing really super bad, but I have had a lot of crap to deal with so there ya go, ha! So, here's a quick post to share some funny "Batman" memes I have seen recently. 

Most of them explain themselves pretty well but I gotta mention that the one down below, featuring "Darkwing Duck", is a super-great parody of Brian Bolland's cover art to the "Batman: The Killing Joker" Graphic Novel. Yes, it's a nice tribute.

November 24, 2014

Official Trailer BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT - Ace Chemicals Infiltration: Part 1

Batman, learning about his new foe, the Arkham Knight - as he enters ACE Chemicals. The video highlights new game features including the new “Fear Takedown” maneuver, as well as the seamless integration of the Batmobile Car into gameplay and Combat Mode.

Watch as Batman takes on Arkham Knight’s henchmen to rescue the remaining ACE Chemicals plant workers and stop Arkham Knight from executing The Scarecrow’s plans.


HEY BATMAN TOY COLLECTORS! Check out these brand-new BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Pop! Heroes Vinyl Figures from FUNKO!.

The 1st Wave consists of Batman, the Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Killer Croc.  Each figure stands about 3 3/4 inches tall and are scheduled to be in stores very very soon, if not right now. 

So keep an eye out. 

Also, here's some more "Funko News", they're also gonna release a new set of these DC SUPER HEROES MYSTERY-MINIS Figures. Take a look, there's a lot of Batman-related figures in there!

#BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Kid's Magazine Appears on Book Newsstands in Bulgaria!!

Here's some great news for our friends living in, or near, Bulgaria!! DC Comics is publishing a "Batman: The Brave and The Bold" TV Cartoon Magazine for children. it's called, "BATMAN KIDS" and is ON the stands right now!

I love that it's in the Bulgarian language and that country finally has some new bat-product there, very cool! Let's hope it does well and it might spawn more bat-merchandise there.

(Thanks Z!)


Here's a quick post to share this cool photo from a BAT-BLOG FACEBOOK Friend named Terry. This is a very High Quality, Custom Made, Hand-Built, Hungarian , Hi-Gain ELECTRIC AMP by KAOS. Very nice stuff!

These are made by a Hungarian company. They have a couple of production model amps, but their custom shop allows customers to choose their own face plates. Someone obviously chose wisely.

(Thanks Terry)


Here are 2 super-wacky fun "Batman-themed" Wallpapers you may use to brighten your desktop! They were created by me using some amazing photos sent in to us by our good buddy, BatDave. 

He went to an event in New Jersey where they had a drag race between the 1966 Batmobile TV Car and the Monkeemobile! Oh yeah, and that's our buddy Benjy dressed-up as the Penguin, waak waak waak!

Please STAY TUNED TO THE BAT-BLOG because we will be featuring some video footage of this epic car race and you're not going to want to miss it!