November 19, 2014

New 52 #BATGIRL Batman: Black and White STATUE Announced!

From the streets of Burnside to the ranks of Batman: Black and White! DC Collectibles is proud to present Batgirl's first appearance in the bestselling "Batman: Black and White" line of statues. 

Based on the acclaimed series written by Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher and drawn by Babs Tarr, look for the Batman: Black and White BATGIRL Statue in comic and specialty stores around Fall, 2015.

1970's #BATMAN Aurora Model Kit VS 2014 MOEBIUS MODELS Adam West Version

Very quickly, I just wanna share this fun photo I came across the other night. This is a Model kit Builder's photo showing the difference between the older vintage 1970's BATMAN Aurora Model Kit with the newer (just released) 2014 CLASSIC BATMAN by Moebius Models!

Having a hard time finding the MOEBIUS MODEL? just CLICK HERE!

BATMAN: THE NIGHT RUN Celebrates 75 Years of #BATMAN in Taiwan!!

OK, This post has been sort of difficult because I have had to use "Google Translation" software to figure out what it's even all about, ha ha! But the gist of the story is that Taiwan is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Batman character with an event called, BATMAN: THE NIGHT RUN!

According to one Taiwanese News Story I read, BATMAN: NIGHT RUN starts January 10, 2015 and will be held at Kaohsiung Station. But I'm kind of confused on how they already have pics from this event (posted down below). Maybe it has already happened??

For more accurate information: Please visit their official website by clicking here, BATMAN NIGHT RUN.

They also have an Official FACEBOOK Fan Page with more news and photos, just CLICK HERE!

Chris' Vintage #BATMAN COSTUME Family Photo

Here's a quick post to share an extremely cool photo of one of our Facebook Friends, Chris Cromelin. This pic was taken around 1979 or 1980. It looks like he has an awesome Bat-Belt! Looks like the one made by Remco™. The Black-Felt Batman Cowl is pretty cool too. YES, HE IS BATMAN!!

(Thanks Chris, you ROCK, Sir!)

November 9, 2014

BATMAN WALLPAPERS - Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid of a Bomb!

OK, just for fun I thought I'd post these Batman Wallpapers that you guys can use to brighten your desktop. They feature a graphic drawn & designed by an Artist named Justin Peterson. Google him, his work is really good!

Oh yeah, this is the Adam West-version of the Dark Knight from the 1960's BATMAN Movie when he tried to get rid of a bomb and it turned into a nightmare, a classic scene!

CHOCOOLATE Retail Stores Honoring 75 YEARS OF BATMAN with T-Shirts and More!

Shown up above is a photo from our friend Stone Wong who was recently in Taipei (Taiwan) and he saw this HUGE "Bruce Wayne / Batman" advertising banner displayed at a CHOCOOLATE Retail Store location. 

It features a graphic of Bruce Wayne from the new CGI cartoon. It's all about hyping the merchandise for their "Batman 75th Anniversary" Collection! 

Chocoolate is a Hong Kong based company and they have many locations in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore and Canada. Yes, they have one Canadian outlet, that's kinda weird!

Researching their website, I found out that they have a nice assortment of "75 Years of BATMAN" T-Shirts, Hoodies, Baseball Jerseys, Sweatshirts and even a Paper-Table Lamp! Down below are some pics found at their site. To visit, just CLICK HERE!

TARGET Has Classic 1966 TV #BATMAN and #JOKER Christmas Ornaments!

Just a quick post to share the news that TARGET STORES have some really fun "Classic 1966 TV BATMAN and JOKER" Christmas Ornaments! 

(Thanks to our friend Alexander for sharing this nice pic)

Family Feud: Classic 1966 TV BATMAN vs. Gilligan's Island

Before the hype of the new "Batman Vs. Superman" movie, there was "Batman Vs. Gilligan's Island" on the Family Feud!

November 5, 2014

Franchi's 1966 BATMAN TV Series Moebius Model Kit PACKAGING DESIGN!

POW!! ZIPP!! BAMM! Check out this photo of the brand-new, recently released, Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series Model Kit by MOEBIUS MODELS

Yes, it's cool that they're coming out with these new model kits but the thing we're most excited about is the fact that the kick-ass packaging artwork featured on the box cover was done by our good friend, Christopher Franchi!

To See More of Franchi's Artwork and Art Prints just CLICK HERE!


On Halloween Night 2014, DC Entertainment posted this special "75 YEARS OF BATMAN, 75 BATMEN" Promo Video that pays tribute to the 75th Anniversary of Batman and it's SO extremely cool!

Watch it and you can quickly enjoy (and remember) some of the the many great Comic Book Artists who have worked on the character over the years. 

Greats like: Bob Kane, Dick Sprang, Carmine Infantino, Neal Adams, Jim Aparo, Norm Breyfogle, Jim Lee, Greg Capullo and many many more!!

(Thanks Fabio)